Things to do in Canigao Island

Do you love to travel to different islands? Now thinking to visit somewhere again then here is a tip for you. You must visit Canigao Island. It is a beautiful piece of lan in islet which is located in Philippines. This island is famous for its large number of fishing grounds and scenic coral reef areas which are suitable for diving.

Some features of Canigao

This island is actually uninhabited; the only manmade structure on this island is the lighthouse.the white sand all around the beaches coral reef and tropical sea creatures give this place a natural and attractive look for all tourists. The climate of Canigao is tropical as in other islands of Philippine. Not only the tourists but divers are also attracted towards this island. The area where you can dive, swim and do fishing is limited by the law but other parts western and northern island is placed under the protection of nature.

Things to do

You may not believe but there are a lot of things to do. If you love to travel to different places you will definitely love this island. If you are tourist then it doesn’t mean that you walk and take selfies all around but actually it is to discover new things, experiencing something you have never done before. So when you are in canigao you can do a lot of things like:

  • Swim as much as you want

When visitors see crystal clear and cool water they can’t stop themselves from swimming. Mostly when the reach island they first go for swimming then do other things. It is an amazing experience when dive into the water and beat the sun and when you come up cool breeze blowing over the sea water makes you feel too good. In short words your eyes will be filled with excitement after having such an amazing experience.

  • Walk around the island

Canigao is one of the fine islands of Philippine where you will see white sand all around. You will see variety of plants, endangered tropical trees. Just have a barefoot walk all around the island so that you do not miss any beautiful part of it.

  • Experience diving

If you have never experienced diving then do it on the Canigao Island. There is a defined protected area by the government where you can dive and swim safely. Go with your friends and have fun.

  • Play games
  • There is a proper place for playing games where you can enjoy beachball and fisbee. It is advised that you must take your own playing gadgets like baseball or Frisbee. Tourists never miss this chance whenever they go to Philippine.

    • Visit lighthouse
    • In the middle of the land you will see a lighthouse. When its morning they allow tourists to climb up and see the view of the island. This view will catch attention of your eyes and you say it by yourself that you have never seen such a view before. Go and have fun.

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