Canigao Island – Welcome!

Canigao is a land located in Philippines which is one of the famous island of white sand. This land is well known for its fishing grounds and scenic coral reef areas which is best for diving. If you have decided to visit the land on this vacation then you will never regret. A person comes from different area all around the world to see the natural beauty of this place. It is the best place to visit specially in summer season. Go with your family and have fun.

You can do a lot of things

Pitch a tent

There are cottages and rooms for night stay but to stay in a tent is a different and a nice experience. If you are nature lover and want to do everything by yourself then you must pitch a tent. Sleeping with the sand is a different experience that you will enjoy when you will experience it by yourself. You will feel how refreshing it spending a night out there.

Spend a day in tree house

If you want something different then you can chose night stay in the tree house but you have to take permission from the management because they are limited. You can go inside with your family and bring some food and have a picnic party. While sitting in the house you can enjoy the scene of shimmering ocean.

Watch sunset and sunrise

This island offers a best scene of sunset and sun rise. When its 5pm just find a place to sit, prepare camera for capturing the sunset and wait for it. It is one of the most romantic scene that any one can enjoy with his loved ones.

Shopping in the market place

There is a small market for the tourists where you can enjoy shopping for yourself and for your family. Different kinds of items are available like hats, mats, shirts, home decors, bags etc. if it’s about the  buying food then you can bring  cooked food from home or can buy sea food and cook it in your camp. Place a fire and enjoy the sea food.


If you have never experienced diving and swimming  then do it on the Canigao Island. There is a defined protected area by the government where you can dive and swim safely. Go with your friends and have fun. Play with water as  children love to play with water so it is a good place  for them.

Don’t miss these features of island

This island is actually uninhabited; the only manmade structure on this island is the lighthouse.the white sand all around the beaches coral reef and tropical sea creatures give this place a natural and attractive look for all tourists. The climate of Canigao is tropical as in other islands of Philippine. Not only the tourists but divers are also attracted towards this island. The area where you can dive, swim and do fishing is limited by the law but other parts western and northern island is placed under the protection of nature.

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