Paradise Island – Canigao

With more than 7000 Islands in Philippines, deciding on a vacation trip can be difficult. However, for those who are planning on a perfect vacation there is an Island paradise located in Leyte known as Canigao Islands. This small Island in Philippines was once upon a time known as fisherman’s sanctuary. Nowadays Canigao Islands has become a major tourist destination and a popular hot spot in the Eastern Visayas with overwhelming admiration from tourists.

Believe it or not, there are numerous things to do in this paradise. Canigao Islands is perfectly situated to test your love for travel. If by any chance you happen to be a globetrotter then Canigao is one destination that you cannot overlook. The essence of travelling in Philippines is incomplete without setting foot on Canigao Islands. The basis of Canigao’s popularity lies in scenic beauty, finest white sand beaches, aquamarine blue waters, colorful sea life, and a look at the Philippine culture.

Getting to Canigao Islands is easy. You can take a flight for Tacloban (D. Z. Romualdez Airport) and then get on a taxi or van to take you to downtown bus terminal from the airport. You can also look for a private ride on a Jeepney located near to the airport. From the Bus terminal you can get on any bus heading towards Matalom and get down at the Municipal plaza area of the town. Go to the pier that provides you a short trip to this beautiful Island of Canigao.
Canigao Islands offer tourist the option to live on tree houses setup along the beaches. The best part is that these houses give you breathtaking views of the beautiful ocean with a touch of the onshore breeze and is one experience that you surely cannot miss. If you have a soft corner for camping then Canigao offers the option to pitch tents along the shore as well. Sleeping on the sand is a lifetime experience that every first time should definitely try out.
While you decide to stay close to nature either on the tree houses or camping on the white sand there is something celestial and magnificent. Canigao Islands is one place in the world where you will lose count of the shooting stars at night. It is a unique experience that happens only in this part of the world. As they mention it, more the stars, more the wishes and you will surely get lucky with a visit to Canigao.

Tourists can also check out the famous landmarks in Canigao Islands with quite a few old lighthouses in Leyte. During the day time tourists are allowed to climb to the top of these historic places and get a panoramic view of these Islands. If you want to go on an Island hopping spree then you can also visit nearby places like Cebu, Cagayan, and Camotes easily. If you plan to take souvenirs from your trip then the Canigao market place is a must visit. You can buy anything from leather items to home decors to remind you about the fantastic time you had on this Island paradise.

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